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President P
The Association greets everyone of you on this auspicious occasion of releasing the First News Letter-”GUARDIAN,the emancipator”.This News Letter is timed to be released on the day of celebration of the auspcoius triple events viz.,the 17th Birthday of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar(14th April),61th Independence Day of our Nation and 2nd Inaugural day(15th August) of our Welfare Asociation.In this context,it is within its place for one to be aware of and also to recapitulate the important of the day 14th April.

This gigantic personality brought in awakening in the minds of these massws who retracted to a state of haplessness and bemoaned their fate,than scorn at the people of malevolent inclination, and remained mute to the inhuman treatment they were subjected to by these elements under the stigma of socilal inferiority.He brougt in this awakening by advocating for and by handing down the three Cardsinal Principles like a trident,to all of us and also to the generations to come,and they are-Educate,Organise and Agitate.

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